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PRS2SMS Java J2ME Midlet - Pilot  to Recovery Driver

A J2ME JAVA Midlet for a JAVA enabled cellphone with a build GPS. Or using a bluetooth GPS.

Once landed , send your status to your recovery driver along with 3 different coordainte formats.

Avoid typing in those coords by hand into an SMS.



Pilot Recovery System Java J2ME Midlet

A simple J2ME JAVA Midlet that can be used with the Pilot Recovery System


Pilot Recovery System Java J2ME Midlet Version  2

A J2ME JAVA Midlet that SMS or Tweets your  pilot status info.

One has to provide the coordinates by hand.


PRS_GPS -  J2ME GPS based application 

Uses a build in GPS of a Nokia Phone and JAVA J2ME based Location based service to SMS your Pilot Status to the Pilot Recovery System


PRS_GPS_V2 -  J2ME GPS to SMS and Twitter 

Uses a build in GPS, or Bluetooth attached GPS,  JAVA J2ME  Location Based Service.

One can then SMS  or Tweet your Pilot Recovery status.

Based on the Pilot Recovery System interface.




A Symbian C++ code for Nokia cellphones with build in GPS.

Sends your location at a regular interval via SMS to another  cellphone.

For PG pilots who fly XC, and want to let someone know where they are. In case they crash.  Or disappear into some none covered area.

 See   http://gpstp.sourceforge.net/TrackMeDoc/html/TrackMe.html   info for more details 


A brief comparison of various tracking option for PG pilots 



The  GPS based scoring code for Hang Gliding and Paragliding Competitions
   Define a task based on  Beercan  Cylinder Turnpoints
   Download the track of a pilot from his GPS
   Score the track and create a  RACE XML output
   Feed RACE with the XML score for your final competition results

   Supports GARMIN range, Log_It, MLR,  Top Navigator / XC Trainer, RobLog, Magellan, MaxLogger , Competino, ...

  TP is free shareware.  The code is available  from


  No costs. Targeted for endusers who are familiar with RACE and GPS competition scoring.

  Please feedback any bugs, comments, enhancement requests  or if you want the source code to ulfa at  global.co.za

 The never up-to-date Online  HTML Documentation .  The latest documentation is packaged with the code.

A general writeup on how to use a GPS for our type of flying

Tested with Log_It,  Competino/Compeo/Galileo, MLR, Renschler, MaxLogger, RobLog, TopNavigator, XC-Trainer , Magellan Sportrak,  and GARMIN range

zipped files are created with the java jar command.


What is new see Release Notes  .....

TP Installation Tips

 With XP the tp.exe seems to work on its own.

 The tp.exe that one extracts from the tp4XXexe.zip will probably not work on its own with older levels of Windows.
You need some dll along with it.
 The list of used  dll is in the install.html file.

A full install package is too big for normal download speed, 21 MB in total.
If you got VB at hand, contact me, ulfa at global.co,za  ( this email id is garbled on purpose to avoid spam from webcrawlers) and we make a plan.

  The tp.exe code works best if installed  under C:\TP\code

  Try to install into C: drive, if possbile.

     If you end up under c:\Program Files\TP  the code still works.
   But the F1, Online Help, might not work.

    In that case, copy the tp directory, so that you end up with a directory structure  that looks like this

      C:\tp\code       and       C:\tp\doc


 To make the  sample comp zip file work,  unzip it so that a directory c:\comps  gets created.

  By default the code looks for the sample in C:\comps

  To modify this, change the TP.ini file.   You find the tp.ini file where the tp.exe is located.


  More info in the tp\doc directory  as html files   or double click on the tp.chm file
  SAHPA Formula Info  http://gpstp.sourceforge.net/sahpaformula/SAHPAFormula.htm

 For general Info on flying Paragliders in South Africa visit http://www.funwings.com

RACE SAHPA Formula info is located at http://gpstp.sourceforge.net/sahpaformula/SAHPAFormula.htm