Request a SMS from TrackMe - A JAVA Midlet for Cell Phones

This JAVA Midlet sends a SMS to a phone that runs the TrackMe code.

And you get this back 

ID ,  Time in UTC GMT ,  Distance, Coordinates, Altitude ,  Bearing to launch 

 TrackMe is located on SourceForge

It sends an SMS to TrackMe, TrackMe then sends a SMS with the location data to the predefined number.

The predefined number gets set by the enduser when TrackMe gets started.


The J2ME jar code to be installed on the phone is located in the  Midlet folder of 

The complete Sourcecode is available at 



Installing the application

Nokia PC Suite required

Default file with cell phone number

The code needs a trackmesms.txt file in the Images folder of the cellphone 

Use File Manager



And go to the Data/Images directory 

where you create or copy the trackmesms.txt file 

That file contains the cellphone number of the phone that you want to send the SMS to.

No blanks please.

Code Installation

Install the RTMS.jar on your cell phone















Using the application

accept to read the default cellphone number info

Then choose SMS to send a request to that phone



If TrackMe runs on the other phone, it will then send a SMS with the location info to whatever number the person defined when TrackMe got started



What means,  Ulf at 15.08 GMT, ( that is 17.08 SA time), was 4km away from where he launched, at those coordinates,

 1656m above sea level, on a bearing of 36 to launch.


What the code does ...

The JAVA Midlet is sending a SMS with the following contents

REQ E3CB2ADA -26.13512678 28.16690833

Which will trigger in TrackMe to send a SMS to the predefined number, that got accepted at startup by the user.

The REQ E3CB2ADA is required

 The -26.13512678 28.16690833 is NS and EW coords.

Those are dummy values. They do not get used at the moment. Can  be anything.