Installation  of TP - Task Verification Program

Code is written in Visual Basic 6

If you copy files from a CD they become read only!

Change the permission of the new created files and directories and remove the read only flag.

Right Mouse Button (RMB) Properties, undo the Read Only for everything

Set the Date and Time of your computer in  Control Panel / Regional Settings to dd/MMM/yyyy and HH:mm:ss

  Install Option 1 - VB with Source code
Best option is if you have Visual Basic 6, get the source code and recompile the source code.
Zipped source code  fits onto a 1.44 MB stiffy

Install it under C:\TP  , creating a C:\TP\DOC and a C:\TP\CODE directory

And the TP.exe located at C:\TP\CODE\TP.exe

Instead of C: you can use any other drive letter.

Install Option 2 - SETUP.EXE Install Package
The other option is to get the complete install package  of around 40MB with all the DLL's required
To distribute an install package with a SETUP.EXE use a CD and Run the SETUP.EXE off the CD
By default the  SETUP.EXE  offers to create aC:\ProgramFiles\TP directory.
Recommend that you rather use C:\TP.  Modify the install directory before you click on the Install Icon.

From  an update point  it will be easier  to go for a C:\TP or D:\TP.
Since TP gets developed under C:\TP it will make updates easier.

Install Option 3 - TP.exe and get missing dll's
 Just get the tp.exe file. And a list from the tp.vbp file which lists all the dll's required.
Then download, get, any missing dll's from the web. Set Setup.lst and  TP.vbp file contents for what is required.