Pilot Recovery System JAVA Midlet for Cell Phones - 

Version 2

February 2010

A simple Midlet that one can use to send your location info via SMS to a cell phone number.

Or send the info to your Twitter page.

Sends ...   Pilot XXX ,Lat -32.75,Lng 19.001,Status Landed

It assumes that pilot got a GPS and will enter the coords by hand and then send the SMS or Tweet.

If you got a build in GPS in your cellphone, or got a bluetooth attached GPS, have a look at 

 http://gpstp.sourceforge.net/   for other code options

The original code was used for a paragliding competition to a SMS Gateway server.


Choose SMS to send an SMS

TWT to send a Tweet



Choosing SMS



Chossing TWT



The J2ME jar code to be installed on the phone is located at 


in the PRS Midlet / PRS Midlet Version 2 Folder

as PilotRecoverySystem.jar file

Installing the application



Nokia PC Suite required






prs.txt file

The code requires a prs.txt file  in the Images Directory 

Contents of the prs.txt file

Some identifier which gets used in the message

A cell phone number, in case you want to send a SMS to someone, with +27 for SA country code. No idea if it works also via 082

your twitter userid

your twitter password

 and there has to be (must) be a carriage/linefeed (enter) after the password







An empty line after mypasswd

Use Nokia PC Suite to create/copy the prs.txt file to the Images Folder on the phone


File Manager



Phone Mmemory 

  Data / Images



And drag/drop/copy the prs.txt file from your PC into the Phone








Other Info

Old Version 1 http://gpstp.sourceforge.net/PRS/index.html 

Other related code  http://gpstp.sourceforge.net/ 


The code makes use of   http://kenai.com/projects/twitterapime