TrackMe Version 2 

      February 2010 onwards

A SMS send by TrackMe looks like this



ID ,  Time in UTC GMT ,  Distance, Coordinates, Altitude ,  Bearing to launch 

TrackMe is a

You can  download the TrackMe code from

TrackMe Version 2 Overview

The code assume that you use an external Bluetooth GPS.

Using a build in GPS kills the battery too fast.

Any Bluetooth enabled S60 phone should be able to run the code.

Connecting an external Bluetooth GPS to a Nokia phone

Deactivate in the Nokia the Internal GPS when flying with a Bluetooth external GPS.

 In the Nokia 6170N you find this in Settings - Settings - General - Positioning ,

Deactivate Integrated GPS

And activate Bluetooth GPS 


  Start TrackMe

On a Nokia 6170N 


Use Options Start 


Accept or change the minimum distance.

Only if you are further than this distance from where you started the application an SMS will be sent

In this case one has to be 2km away before an SMS gets send.

It can be 0, then a SMS will be send no matter how far away you are.

Next, Accept or change the SMS Intervall

In this case every 10 minutes the code will try to send an SMS.

Can be anything from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

And finally accept or change the cell phone number to where you want the SMS to be sent.

after accepting the phone number a screen that diplays

your current coordinates

how many SMS have been sent

and the distance to where you activated the code 





   Under Options is a SMSNOW possibility.

 If you Select it then a SMS will be sent now to the number defined at startup.


Create/Modify trackme.txt file

In the Phone Memory Data directory one can have a trackme.txt file to store your defaults.

One can use the Nokia PC Suite File Manager to create and edit this file.


File format is  XXX PhoneNumber Intervall Distance

 XXX = 3 Characters to identify the SMS on the receiving side. ( In case the recovery got multiple pilots )

 II Intervall in Minutes , anything from 1 to 60 ,  2 digits,  1 has to be 01 

 Distance , anything from 0 to 99,  0 means no distance check ,  has to be 00 , or 01,  ... 2 digits


File can be found in the phone under Organizer-File Manager in the trackme.txt file



Install the sisx file

The self signed sisx file Installation.  Newer phones accept sisx format.

Requires Nokia PC Suite to install sisx file.

Right Click sisx file and use Option

Install with Nokia Application Installer




How to trigger a SMS from another phone

Sending a SMS with the following contents

REQ E3CB2ADA -26.13512678 28.16690833

will trigger in TrackMe to send a SMS to the predefined number, that got accepted at startup.

REQ E3CB2ADA is required

 -26.13512678 28.16690833 is NS and EW coords. Do not get used at the moment. Can  be anything.

One can install a JAVA J2ME Midlet from

that will generate the SMS and send it for you from any JAVA enabled phone

Additional Info

For more info see ...

    The JAVA  J2ME Midlet to trigger a SMS query in TrackMe 

In case the sisx file will not install, here is a 

Presentation on how to sign the sis file

 MS Word doc on how to sign