PRS2SMS Version 1 - June 2010

Code available from

This info is located at 

The JAVA J2ME Midlet that sends a SMS with some preprepared info.

And coordinates in decimal degrees, or decimal minutes or in Deg Min Sec format

Because ... the recovery person might require on their side a whatever format. 

The J2ME code the cellphone is available at


Default file

Requires a prs2sms.txt file on the phone in the Images Folder

Format of the file ...


The cell phone number to send the SMS to

and an empty line , important, ...


Use Nokia PC suite to copy file from PC to cellphone







J2ME PRSGPS.jar file installation

Using Nokia PC Suite to send the jar file to the cell phone


from the dist directory  take the  PRSGPS.jar  file




If it at already exists on your phone you get this


and then you get this


On the cellphone ...





Using the application




wait for ....


Use the SMS button

By default you Need Help  ( in case of an Emergency simply press SMS button again )


Otherwise scroll down to the option that corresponds to your current status

And use Select 

Scrolling further down allows you to change the default cell phone number ( which was set in the prs2sms.txt file )


Once you press the SMS button 

Which will sned an SMS that looks like this 

Coordinates are in Decimal degrees,  or in Degrees:Decimal.Minutes,  or in Degrees:Minutes:Seconds








Other Info