User Manual for TP

Taskverification Program by GPS for Hang Gliding and Paragliding Competitions
with RACE Interface

Free Shareware for Hang Gliding and Paragliding community  from Ulf Arndt
Not for commercial gain. Located at

The Visual Basic 6.0 based code is available for download from

Due to ongoing software changes the documentation is  never  up to date

 Hang Gliding and Paragliding competitions are based on tasks.
Tasks are defined by a takeoff,  turnpoints and a goal.
Pilots have to takeoff at the defined takeoff area, fly around those turnpoints in a given sequence and land at goal.
We use GPS devices which collect a track log of the position of the pilot during his flight.
This code then interfaces with those GPS devices , downloads the track data and checks if the pilot followed the task and flew around those turnpoints and got to goal.
And then gives the pilot a score which can be used to feed RACE.
RACE is the FAI/CIVL scoring code to be used in Hang Gliding and Paragliding competitions.

  Software Specifications what the code is supposed to do, which GPS are supported, what types of tasks, ..

 How to unload and install the code....    Installation ,

 How to  Use the Sample Competition

 How to  Set  up a competition

 How to    Create a comp_id.csv Turnpoint file

 How to   Provide the pilots at Registration  with the official Turnpoints into their GPS Devices

 How to   Create a Task

Using GPSDUMP to download tracks and score them 

Communicating with a   GARMIN     MLR      Magellan

   Talking to an    Aircotec TopNavigator or  Aircotec XC-Trainer

  Using the         Braeuniger COMPETINO or COMPEO/ ex Galileo

  Interfacing with a       Log_It       MaxLogger      RobLog     Digifly-Leonardo

 Processing  data of a SportsTrack device 


 Scoring FAI Sector based Tasks  this is outdated

 Scoring Cylinder based Tasks

 Scoring Open Cross Country Tasks

   as  a RACE FREE Open XC task

   or as a RACE Open XC along a HEADING

 Scoring a Hand Tow Fun Comp event with TP

            Zoom Functionalities , to check if and when a pilot crossed a line, or why he missed a turnpoint

     Using the RACE Bulk Data Interface   for  feeding RACE and getting data from the RACE scoring software

       GAP 2003 RACE , how to create the Lc info from TP into RACE Instructions

   Create HTML to Post all the pilot tracks on a WEB Server


  Administration   and Files Reference  , in case you want to know a bit more how the data is stored


 How to process all sorts of file format via   Data Conversion Possibilities by converting  track and waypoint format from and to Gardown, CSV, IGC, PWC, OZI ....

 Create   KML files for Keyhole Google Earth 

  Feed NASA World Wind  Option

  Add Altitude Info into a turnpoint ID , AddAlti>ID

   Known Problems , Workarounds, How to,  Frequently Asked Questions ... and other Tips

Software Change History    what got changed  when


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